Japan and France Japonismes2018


Japonismes 2018 is an extensive art & culture event which is being held from July 2018 in Paris, France, the art capital of the world. The concept is aesthetics with respect for nature, and harmony among different values, which are fundamental to Japanese culture. The mission was to promote recognition for this event.


The concept is the fusion of “Traditional Japonismes” and “Modern Japonismes.” “Traditional Japonismes” has been cherished since ancient times and refers to Ukiyoe, Budou, Sadou, Kadou, Matsuri, and Kabuki. “Modern Japonismes” is a new type of Japonismes that lies within our lives today, such as cutting-edge media art, anime, manga and contemporary theatre. With the core message of “Japonismes is not the past. It is the future,” a key visual for communication was developed by integrating the design motif for Japonismes and typography.


The poster was utilized at the various event venues including Paris, as well as the launch ceremony in Japan. The opening ceremony held on July 5th was attended by representatives from both France and Japan, contributing to coverage in various media. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, French Ambassador Laurent Pic, PR Ambassador Shingo Katori, Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, and representatives such as actress Kirin Kiki, designer Junko Koshino, director Amon Miyamoto, as well as Toshiyuki Inoko, Motoko Ishii, and TAKAHIRO were among the attendants. Queues formed outside many of the venues.


  • Creative Director + Copy Writer

    Akiko Mitsui (ADK)

  • Art Director

    Fusanari Masuda(CHERRY)

  • Illustrator

    Junya Shigematsu(NON-GRID)

  • Designer

    Hirofumi Goto(ADK ARTS)