The mission was to create opportunities for as many as possible to learn that more than 24,000 species of wildlife are on the verge of extinction. It was also necessary to make it easier to participate in the protection activities.


From olden times, the Japanese have used Hanko, or name stamps, instead of hand-written signatures for approval, or to represent their identity. Since the red color of the Hanko is said to stand for longevity and red also symbolizes endangered species, the Hanko, which every Japanese possesses, was chosen. The idea was to invite people to make a Hanko that incorporated endangered animals (Red List Animals) with their last name. When one enters their surname at a special site, their name stamp appears with a silhouette of an endangered animal. This Hanko stamp could be shared on SNS or actually purchased, and a part of the proceeds was donated to WWF for environmental protection.


The campaign was featured on TV and other media as an easy way to support wildlife conservation activities in our daily lives. Furthermore, since influencers spread the news rapidly via SNS, WITH STAMP ranked second on Yahoo, the largest search engine in Japan. In one week, 10,000 stamps were sold.


  • Creative Director / Art Director

    Fusanari Masuda (ADK)

  • Creative Director / Technical Director

    Daisuke Nakamura (PARTY)

  • Copywriter

    Kensuke Harada (ADK)

  • Art Director

    Naoko Fujihira (ADK)

  • Account Director

    Akinori Suzuki (ADK)

  • Account Manager

    Sakura Egami (ADK)

  • PR Planner

    Yusuke Ishikawa (ADK)

  • PR planner

    Noriko Kobayashi (ADK)

  • Photographer

    Kenichi Muramatsu (55.INC)

  • Illustrator

    Junya Shigematsu (NON-GRID)

  • Designer

    Yusuke Hatakeyama (Creators Group MAC)

  • Designer

    Kosei Ito (Creators Group MAC)

  • Designer

    Natsuki Sato (Creators Group MAC)

  • Designer

    Anju Miyawaki (Creators Group MAC)

  • Director

    Satoshi Kamiguchi (PYRAMID FILM)

  • Film Producer

    Shota Kawano (PYRAMID FILM)

  • Production Manager

    Shuhei Kanda (PYRAMID FILM)

  • Production Manager

    Ryosuke Ide (PYRAMID FILM)

  • Animator

    Yoshiki Imazu (Freelance)

  • Web Producer

    Ryo Ishi (northshore)

  • Web Producer

    Hideki Kashio (northshore)

  • Front-end Server-side Developer

    Takuji Minato (northshore)

  • Front-end Server-side Developer

    Masaru Fukasawa (northshore)

  • Front-end Server-side Developer

    Maho Ichikawa (northshore)

  • Front-end Server-side Developer

    Mitsuru Suzuki (AKATUKI)