In Japan’s market for new recruits, demand greatly outnumbers the number of students, leading to higher incidents of students leaving during the screening process or declining job offers while still at the informal stage. The idea was to provide a fundamental solution to the separation between PR activities such as company briefings and the actual job interviews, and eliminate the mismatch between the student and the company.


With the cooperation of over 100 ADK employees, an entirely new recruiting system called “Find Your Buddy” was developed where students could search for employees they would like to work with and appoint this person to be their recruiter. Students were provided Instagram posts from the real work life of employees as well as LINE BOT. The conventional entry sheet was changed into an “offer sheet” and the system enabled further understanding of the company as the interaction between the student and the company progressed.


As a revolutionary solution to the issues prominent in the Japanese job market, the idea gained exposure in various media such as TV news programs without any ad insertions. At the same time, ADK ranked high among companies that students wished to work for. As engagement with students was strengthened, no student declined the screening process. Job acceptance rate increased, and mismatches were dramatically reduced.


  • Creative Director+Art Director+Designer

    鈴木 聡倫

  • Creative Director+Technical Director

    贄田 翔太郎

  • Photographer

    贄田 翔太郎(CHERRY)