The mission was to educate people about endangered species, have them realize that they can play a part in protecting the animals and lead to donations.


As a new awareness campaign to protect endangered species, original nail designs were developed to allow people to participate and make donations by doing something fashionable. Nail designs based on motifs of endangered animals were shared with more than 100 salons throughout the country, and a portion of the payment was donated to animal protection activities. This created opportunities for people to be aware of the wildlife crisis and environment issues by choosing the wild animal they


After the launch, the Instagenic nail designs spread through the salons and SNS. In addition to TV news programs and newspapers, the Minister of Environment also showed interest, causing a huge PR effect and leading to effectively spreading the word about endangered species.


  • Creative Director / Art Director

    Fusanari masuda (ADK)

  • Creative Director / Copywriter

    Kazuma aoki (ADK)

  • Account Planner

    Akinori suzuki (ADK)

  • Designer

    Kana kikuchi (ADK)

  • Photographer

    Kenichi muramatsu (55 INC.)

  • Designer

    Kenichi ohno (SUN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Print Producer

    Masayuki kusubayashi (SUN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Film Producer

    Yohei kawasaki (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd.)

  • Director

    Jun nakao (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd.)

  • Cinematographer

    Yu sato (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Cinematographer

    Yusuke konami (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Cinematographer

    Ryohei oka (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Editor

    Chikai kato (ROCK'N ROLL JAPAN Co.,Ltd. )

  • Animator

    Masaki ishii (NISHIKAIGAN Co.,Ltd.)

  • Special Effects Producer

    Hiromitsu sunaga (NISHIKAIGAN Co.,Ltd.)

  • Sound Designer

    Shinichiro kobayakawa (KOBAYAKAWA Co.,Ltd.)

  • Web Designer

    Makoto oyamada (Freelance)

  • Event Manager

    Shoichiro saikawa (ADK)

  • PR Director

    Mitsutomo kawamura (GMPC JAPAN)

  • PR Director

    Chihiro kamatsuka (GMPC JAPAN)

  • PR Director

    Hisataka takenaka (Material)

  • PR Director

    Kozue saito (Material)